Brockhampton Returns With 'Ginger' Album: Stream It Now

Ashlan Grey


BROCKHAMPTON is back with the group's fifth studio album since 2017, Ginger, which hit streaming services on Friday (Aug. 23). The anticipated 12-track effort includes previous singles such as Thursday's "NO HALO," "BOY BYE," "I BEEN BORN AGAIN" and "IF YOU PRAY RIGHT." 

Kevin Abstract said he played the album for Rick Rubin, who called the body of work more "emotional" rather than a party, which prompted BROCKHAMPTON to re-work Ginger's direction to have a party feel." “Now it feels more like a party, but still emotional at the core," the group's frontman told Rolling Stone. "I think I was just caught up in what I wanted it to be, but also lost within what I was making."

For fans in Los Angeles, the boy band will host Friday Therapy, an event title inspired by BROCKHAMPTON's weekly therapy sessions with actor Shia LaBeouf, where they will perform the entire album in full. 

Stream Ginger below.