Raheem DeVaughn Finds 'Just Right' Love: Watch

Raheem DeVaughn
Courtesy of DMG

Raheem DeVaughn

Finding the perfect someone can make a person do things that he or she wouldn’t ordinarily do. Like jump up and down, shout out loud or, in the case of Raheem DeVaughn, sing about it.

The three-time Grammy Award nominee shares his good fortune in the new video “Just Right,” premiering on Billboard today (July 29).

Singer/actress V. Bozeman (Empire) stars in the sensual “Just Right,” directed by Chris Scholar from a storyline envisioned by DeVaughn. It’s the visual accompaniment to DeVaughn’s top 20 Billboard R&B Songs hit and first single from his seventh studio album, The Love Reunion (SRG/DMG/Universal Music Group). The DeVaughn-penned track was produced by Tim Kelley, formerly of the production duo Tim & Bob (Boyz II Men, TLC).

DeVaughn says the chill-vibed “Just Right” was “inspired by my love for R&B and the culture.” He additionally notes the song was “composed to celebrate not only women of black and brown color but all women globally.”

As he sexily croons on “Just Right”: “You win my heart, came right in and tamed me / I'm so glad I was chosen (Your love is golden) / You are (Just right …).”

“Just Right” is the first of 13 more forthcoming videos that will complete DeVaughn’s storyline to be revealed. It’s all part of the singer-songwriter-producer’s planned album trilogy that began with the release of Decade of a Love King last October followed by The Love Reunion this past June. The trilogy’s final chapter is slated for release this coming November.

DeVaughn’s Love King moniker stems from the artist’s enduring penchant for raw, honest emotion in his music, first introduced in 2005 via debut album The Love Experience. Since then, DeVaughn has racked up three Grammy nominations and a string of hits including “Customer,” “Woman,” “Queen,” “You,” “Guess Who Loves You More” and “Don’t Come Easy.”

While the nickname is something DeVaughn “transformed into over a period of time,” he hasn’t wavered from his original musical mission: to deliver “real hardcore, new millennial R&B.”

In the meantime, DeVaughn is concurrently developing various film and television projects and helming his LoveLife Foundation, which helps women and men in domestic abuse situations as well as people living with HIV/AIDS. He’s also writing and producing several songs for Bozeman’s own upcoming album from SRG. Her first single is expected in September.

“V. Bozeman is a phenomenal talent that the world needs to hear," says DeVaughn. "It’s an honor to be involved both creatively and musically in her soon-to-be-released project.”