Will Smith Directs Jaden's Just Water Promo Vid in Hilarious New Clip: Watch

Will Smith
Courtesy Photo

Will Smith

Will and Jaden Smith have graced the Internet with yet another vlog, which shows Will directing his son's promo video for Just Water. If there's anything we learned from watching the clip, it's that working with family is really hard.

"Alright sit down. I mean, stand up," Will says at the beginning. "Okay, I'm really confused by the direction," Jaden responds. 

Will spends the two minute-long clip playfully teasing Jaden. He makes his son change his outfit, directs him to stay on his mark, and at one point even says, "I'm pretty sure Willow should've done this."

He also powders the rapper/activist's face, questions the way he drinks water, and tells him that "this is not a rap video." 

Will has been on a comedic streak on YouTube lately, having recently shared Jaden's 21st birthday party as well as a montage dedicated to his son.

Watch the hilarious clip below.