Will Smith Takes Fans Inside Jaden's 21st Birthday Party at Home: Watch

Jaden Smith just turned 21, and to celebrate, he had an intimate gathering of friends and family at his parents' house in Malibu.

In a video uploaded on July 13, the Smith family takes viewers inside the party. The clip begins with Will making sarcastic jokes about drinking: "We'll have a drink together tonight. The first legal drink. Rather than all of the times you were breaking the law." 

Throughout the clip, Will continues to share words of wisdom: "When there is no problem, your mind makes one so it has something to do." Towards the end, Will gives a speech that could just make him Father Of the Year: "I'll tell you something my father told me on my 21st birthday: Never break two laws at one time, 'cause you increase your chances exponentially of getting caught for both. That's deep wisdom. So only break one law at a time."

Then things get serious for a moment. "Yeah man, I'm just really proud of you and the way that you've grown in the last few years is what parents hope for. You take it seriously to contribute to the human family. You just make us proud every single day...here's to you being a full grown man and here's to you being off my insurance," Will says.

In addition to Will's sweet moments, mom Jada also gives some great advice and hangs out with Jaden & Co. as they barbeque and hang in the yard. Sister Willow also makes an appearance towards the end with Jaden's birthday cake.

Watch the new vlog below.