Shari Marie Calls Out Her Copycats in 'I Don't Want It' Video: Exclusive

Shari Marie
Sen Floyd

Shari Marie

The latest star to emerge from the Bronx is not another rapper, but a singer who is ready to shake up the R&B scene. Shari Marie, a 21-year-old native of the talent-filled borough, is making her mark (and simulatenously calling out her naysayers) in her new video for "I Don't Want It."

Exclusively premiering on Billboard below, the video shows Marie showing off her glamourous side while stunting on any haters who try to cross her path. The video's main highlight is the artist channeling her inner '50s diva with a throwback black-and-white television scene. "Pipe down, you couldn't try if you want/ I'm getting petty for fun," she sings over a thumping, trap-inspired beat courtesy of Swagg R’Celious (the Grammy-winning executive producer of H.E.R.'s Vol. 1 and 2).

"The lyrics are actually things I say every day about haters and fake people that cross my path," Marie tells Billboard about the song's inspiration. "I’m in such a positive space in my life and this song is a huge middle finger to those who tried to bite off my creativeness and do me wrong. The concept of the video brought the lyrics to life and I got to show my playful personality in an aesthetically pleasing way."

"What piqued my interest in working with Shari is seeing how relaxed, comfortable and playful she seemed to be," Swagg R’Celious explains. "Also, I thought she had a dope vocal tone. When we first met in person, I learned more of her story and realized she has so many interesting layers and important messages on how she wants to inspire others.

"She’s more than a pretty face with a good voice," Swagg adds. "She’s about fun, family and passionate about uplifting other young women who struggle with self-image. Shari works hard and commits herself to her craft and art. For me, that drive and passion is what’s most important when working with an artist. She wants to be better and you can feel the energy she brings to the table."

"I Don't Want It" follows Shari Marie's "Sweet" single, both of which appear on her debut Reflection EP (released on June 13). Check out the video below.