Johntá Austin Brings R&B Back to Its Classic Roots With 'Love Angel': Exclusive

Johntá Austin
Dwen Stuart 

Johntá Austin

After penning hits for artists like Mariah Carey, Trey Songz and Justin Bieber, singer-songwriter Johntá Austin is now saving a bit of that magic for himself on his new solo single "Love Angel" -- which is exclusively premiering on Billboard below.

Produced by Troy Taylor and Spruill, "Love Angel" finds the Atlanta-born artist going back to the heart of the R&B that he grew up on and helped shape his career. The smooth midtempo is fueled by romance, as Austin croons sweet nothings to his lover atop a melodic, bass-driven beat. "I think these feelings ultimately comes from a higher power and has a purpose," he explains to Billboard about the song's meaning.

"When you see the line 'Your love is my religion,' some people may call it sacrilegious. But for those of us who believe that we're created in the higher power's image, your significant other can be a representation of the creator themselves. It's like you're looking at a creation of God. You should never be ashamed of whatever that love -- as long as it's pure and doesn't hurt anyone -- represents for you."

Austin says his debut album Love, Sex & Religion, set to release on Aug. 2, is inspired by the resurgence of R&B: "There is a return to more substance as far as songwriting with H.E.R., Daniel Caesar and Bruno Mars. R&B feels like it's in a space where everyone wants to hear and be a part of it. I feel like now it's the perfect time for [my album]."

Groove to "Love Angel" below.