Kanye West, Drake & Diddy Round Out 'Forbes' Richest Rappers List for 2019

Kanye West
Timothy Norris/Getty Images for Coachella

Kanye West performs during 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 20, 2019 in Indio, Calif.

After declaring Jay-Z as hip-hop's first billionaire, Forbes delivers the rest of the top five, as they predict who falls next in line to reach billionaire status. The business mag gave the No. 2 nod to Dr. Dre, whom they estimate to maintain a fortune of around $800 million.

If you recall, Dre actually declared himself to be the first billionaire in hip-hop, but Forbes didn't think that was the case, since they believe his sale of Beats By Dre to Apple only netted him about a half-billion. Next on the list comes Diddy at $740 million, who Forbes actually predicts could become a billionaire faster than Dr. Dre, thanks to owning Ciroc.

Kanye West clocks in at No. 4 with an estimated $240 million estate. Forbes credits West's YEEZY line with Adidas for making him a dark horse in the race. Reports came out in 2018 that the YEEZY brand had received a $1.5 billion valuation. "I would say my husband is. That makes me one, right?" Kim Kardashian told Jimmy Kimmel last year when asked about her husband's billionaire status.

Drake's appearance on the list at just 32 years old is mightily impressive. Forbes states that Drizzy's fortune grew by 50 percent in the past year alone to reach $150 million. Hip-hop has never had a star quite like the 6 God before, which means there's no telling how far he could take this in the future, as Drake continues to set the bar higher and higher for those who will follow.

Does the "Mo' money, mo' problems" saying still ring true? Check out the full list over at Forbes.