NLE Choppa & ATL Jacob Talk New Single 'Blocc Is Hot,' Wanting to Get Lil Wayne on the Remix

NLE Choppa
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NLE Choppa

The bubbling hip-hop scenes of Memphis and Atlanta continue to be hotbeds for burgeoning talent, as NLE Choppa and ATL Jacob look to play a role in carrying the torch for the next generation of musicians hailing from the South.

Even though he's not of legal age to drive a car by himself, Choppa's already notched his first Hot 100 entry with "Shotta Flow," which debuts at No. 96 on this week's chart. For his follow-up act, Choppa teams alongside the Freebandz producer for a salute to the streets with today's (May 3) release of "Blocc is Hot."

The emerging pair met for the first time down in Atlanta thanks to their managers having them connect for a studio session about two weeks ago. Jacob was already on Choppa's radar as a wunderkind beatmaker he'd been interested in working with. In their first session alone, there was already some kind of chemistry in the room. 

Out of the four beats that Jacob crafted, one immediately struck a chord with the United Masters signee. "The one I liked the most ended up being 'Blocc Is Hot.' It's probably one of my favorite songs," Choppa tells Billboard. "[Jacob] cooked it up in like eight minutes. Once he gave me that, I went into the studio and freestyled it."

The Atlanta native shared a similar sentiment. "It wasn't what I expected. I didn't know which way he was going to go," he says. "I actually liked it. It's rare that I like a song that's just been recorded in the studio."

Even though Lil Wayne's Tha Block Is Hot dropped before Choppa was born, he affirms that "Blocc Is Hot" was inspired by Weezy's debut, and he's actually a superfan of the Young Money boss. "It was really a tribute to Lil Wayne. I grew up listening to Wayne a lot," the No Love Entertainment artist explains. "It would really be an honor if we could get him on the remix... I think he would be really hard to get, but anything is possible."

With another mixtape from Choppa on the horizon for next month, he still wanted to take a moment to enjoy the victory of landing "Shotta Flow" at No. 96 on the latest Hot 100. "That meant a lot to me. It just shows the hard work we're putting in. Not just me, the people around me are working too. I never thought I'd be on Billboard. It's amazing," the rapper emphatically states. "Just for me to be on there is crazy."

Listen to "Blocc Is Hot" below.