J.I.D. Is Held Hostage & Forced to Rap in Bloody '151 Rum' Video: Watch

J.I.D., "151 Rum"
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J.I.D., "151 Rum"

J.I.D. took every rapper's worst nightmare and turned it into his very own horror movie. Known for his cinematic visuals, the Dreamville rapper does it again with the frightening "151 Rum" video, which released on Wednesday (May 1) to kick off the month. The Nice Rec-produced track served as the lead single off the 28-year-old's DiCaprio 2 project. 

The menacing Scott Lazer-directed clip begins with J.I.D. chained up by a fireplace against his will. His captor returns home to the dark room with a cheeseburger and plenty of repulsive boils around his face and neck area. After oddly spraying J.I.D. with water, the man then throws a book of rhymes at him and sets up a rusty microphone. 

The bloodied ATL native is forced to record track after track while the detainer messes with the levels behind the boards, which could be representative of record labels having artists in bad contracts slaving away for their benefit. J.I.D. makes an escape out the front door, but is then shot in the middle of the street to close out the terrifying flick, leaving viewers with a sour taste in their mouths. 

Give the "151 Rum" video a look for yourself below.