21 Savage Seeks Loyalty in 'Ball W/O You' Video: Watch

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21 Savage, "ball w/o you"

21 Savage is still peeling back the layers from his acclaimed sophomore album I Am > I Was. Today (April 29), Savage unveils his latest visual for "Ball W/O You."

In the video, a heartbroken Savage is found gazing at the skies from his swanky loft. While he ruminates about his past relationship, his former counterpart is taking their break-up differently: she hits the club, takes selfies with her friends, all while relishing her new-found freedom.

"When it came to havin' your back, I'm so real/ I prolly would've gave you my spine (Straight up)/ I'd rather have loyalty than love/ 'Cause love really don't mean jack," a dispirited 21 raps. 

Though 21 encounters a new woman later in the video, his heart remains fragile, considering his past relationships left him disheartened. "Keep the fame and keep the love/ Just give me the loyalty (On God)/Nefertiti, King Tut/ I treat you like royalty (Fact)," he concludes his second verse. 

Initially, fans thought "Ball W/O You" was aimed at Savage's ex-girlfriend Amber Rose. In an interview with The Breakfast Club last year, he debunked those claims and said that the record wasn't about her. 

“It ain’t about her, but certain shit that I’m saying in the song it’s just like, me and her done had them discussions,” he said. “I talked to her when we was together about like, ‘Fuck your love Amber. I don’t want your love I want your loyalty.’ I done had them discussions with her, so that’s where that came from. But it just ain’t about her. Amber my dawg.”

Watch "Ball W/O You" below.