Romderful Teams Up With Dean & Tabber For '1 Missed Call': Exclusive

Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment


Producer-songwriter ROMderful has teamed up with Korean alt R&B artist DEAN and singer Tabber on his new single “1 Missed Call.”

A sleek tune driven Dean’s crooning and Tabber’s gruffer tone over ROMderful’s captivating melody, it features spritely strings, twinkling chimes, and lilting beats that blend with a wide array of distorted sound effects.   

ROMderful tells Billboard that the song is about "wishing you had the opportunity to call your ex and make things right whilst you were in the relationship but you just let it slip away because you don't know if it feels like love or not.”

The collaboration came about because of the tight friendship between DEAN and ROMderful, who says that the former was one of the first people he met when he visited South Korea in 2016. “We let our friendship grow naturally and ended up making music around a year and a half after knowing each other. While in London, DEAN just started working on his album and asked me for some production," ROM says. "I spent about 2 days with him, Miso, 2XXX! and RadMuseum from his collective. A few months after, we did the song that everyone will know as ‘1 Missed Call.’ I love making music with people who I can establish a connection or a friendship with and feeling comfortable doing so.”

The song’s release precedes that of ROMderful’s Press L to Continue album, which is set to drop on April 23.

Listen to ROMderful’s "1 Missed Call" featuring Dean and Tabber early below.