Shavone Celebrates Inclusivity in Empowering '4C' Video: Exclusive

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Multi-hyphenate creative SHAVONE. (née Shavone Charles) hosts a powerhouse party of female innovators at a Brooklyn salon in the visual for her single “4C,” premiering exclusively today (March 26) on Billboard.

As a trailblazer in the tech industry and founder of her own creative collective, Magic In Her Melanin, Charles is familiar with gathering the sharpest minds together for each new project. For her latest musical endeavor, she’s creating a platform for women of color that represent her self-defined #BlackGirlMagic movement with the added purpose of sharing more of herself artistically.

"As a creative and unapologetic woman of color, ‘4C’ is so dear to me because the art represents so much of my life and the women who continue to keep me and the rest of the world inspired,” SHAVONE. tells Billboard.

The video, directed by Magic In Her Melanin creative director Curtis Taylor Jr., captures SHAVONE. surrounded by fellow tech luminaries and creatives as she unspools pensive verses that reflect on confronting struggle, self love and empowerment. The visuals takes the song’s emblematic symbolism of hair to the physical world in a shoot conducted at the Brooklyn salon owned by New York hairstylist and Solange collaborator Susy Oludele.

Charles continues about the inspiration of the song and its long-spanning roots, revealing the theme “originated with my time growing up in my mother's hair salon as a young girl, witnessing the sisterhood of my surrounding community, in both our pain and our triumphs, as women came to the hair salon to be renewed and healed through on another.”

Shots of the salon and the visuals’ accomplished cast are spliced with SHAVONE. sermonizing behind a bright, open sky that perfectly reflects her clarity of purpose in the song and as an artist.

"I am so proud of the inclusive vision and eclectic representation of black women featured in the project and video. SHAVONE.'s lyrics really say it all, with verbalizing why underrepresented voices need to be seen, understood and heard,” Taylor says. “With this project, we captured a moment in time with our generation's change agents, who are unapologetic women of color."

Check out the visual for SHAVONE.'s “4C” below.