Lil Baby Abandons Hustlin' to Pursue His Rap Dreams in New 'Pure Cocaine' Video: Watch

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Lil Baby, "Pure Cocaine"

After cashing in on a stellar 2018, Lil Baby is a bona fide star of the next generation bubbling out of the ATL. The Drip Harder rapper unleashed another gripping visual off his gritty Street Gossip project with "Pure Cocaine." Baby gives up his drug dealing ways to fully pursue a music career in the Edgar Esteves-directed clip.

The 24-year-old drops off the rest of his stash to the kingpin, before letting him know that his hustling days are behind him. "There's one way in and one way out of this shit. Ain't not getting out this shit," the boss replies. The scene pivots to Baby and his crew at a mansion fittingly draped in all-white linens. 

Baby's days as a drug dealer come back to haunt him, as he ends up getting pressed by the kingpin introduced at the top of the visual. An argument ensues and guns are quickly drawn to finish off the cinematic flick, which even sees a cameo at the tail-end from none other than 21 Savage. 

Watch the "Pure Cocaine" video below.