Get to Know 'Slow Dancing in the Dark' Singer Joji: Watch

In this week’s episode of “You Should Know,” Billboard sat down with YouTube star-turned-singer/producer Joji to learn more about him, including what the inspiration behind his debut album was, who would play him in a movie and which animal he could see himself as.

Joji (real name George Miller) grew up in Japan and began making music when he was in sixth grade. “’A Milli’ by Lil Wayne came out, and I thought that beat was so cool and so game-changing,” Joji tells Billboard. “I went home and I opened up GarageBand and I recorded myself…I just remade the beat, and since then, I just kept going at it.”

Asked to describe what motivated his record Ballads 1, Joji says, “The inspiration…is just expressing uncertainty and either changing, or you changing, or the other person changing, and how people react to that. And just in general, it's just a bunch of ballads packed into one thing, and I think that's cool.”

If someone were to play the “Slow Dancing in the Dark” singer in a film, he reveals that he would want it to be Ezra Miller. “He just looks like a more intense, more handsome version [of me],” Joji explains. “So I would probably enjoy that.”

As for which kind of animal Joji thinks he would be, he divulges that it would be a seagull (or something in that realm). “One time a seagull destroyed my meal, just like on the docks, and I couldn't even be mad at it,” he recalls. “They were just like…going in on it. I thought, ‘OK, that looks fun to them.’ So I thought after that, they're essentially pigeons of the ocean, and I like the ocean and I like pigeons.”

You can check out the video above to learn even more about Joji.