Lil Pump Brings 'Pump University' to 'Kimmel' With Flashy 'Be Like Me' Performance: Watch

Lil Pump
Courtesy Photo

Lil Pump performs "Be Like Me" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Feb. 25, 2019.

An all-purple drumline and cheerleaders served as Lil Pump’s hype-people as he took the stage on Monday night’s (Feb. 25) Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform his chilled-out latest single, “Be Like Me.”

Pump (born Gazzy Garcia) channeled his album cover art by wearing a decked-out purple and white graduation robe and bedazzled cap while he strolled to the podium accompanied by his backup cheerleaders -- with the studio audience joining in by shaking their own pom-poms as Pump busted through a banner and confetti rained down all over.

“Everybody wanna be like Pump/ Everybody got fake dreads and love to take drugs/ I do this, bitch you do whatever you want/ Yes, I'm hella ignorant, I don't give a fuck,” he rapped on the first verse of the track.

"Be Like Me" is the lead single from Pump's recently released Harverd Dropout.   

Check out Lil Pump’s performance of “Be Like Me” on Jimmy Kimmel below.