Lil Pump Teams With Lil Wayne for New Track 'Be Like Me' Before 'Harverd Dropout' Arrival: Listen

Nabil Elderkin
Lil Pump

When Lil Pump unveiled the Harverd Dropout track list, Lil Wayne was one of the legendary guests that jumped off the page. Pump couldn't hold back and decided to unleash the explosive collaboration on Thursday (Feb. 21), mere hours prior to his album's arrival at midnight. "Be Like Me" finds Weezy extending a hand to help bridge the generational divide in hip-hop, much like he did with his XXXTentacion posthumous CV collab "Don't Cry."

The "Gucci Gang" rapper rides the CBMIX production while calling out those who continue to jack his style in hip-hop. "Everybody wanna be like Pump/ Everybody got fake dreads and love to take drugs/ I do this, bitch you do whatever you want/ Yes, I'm hella ignorant, I don't give a fuck/ And everybody wanna be like Ye/ Everybody wanna go and smash Kim K," Pump spits.

Wayne then hops on the mic and addresses the youth regarding how he birthed the next generation of MCs. "Everybody wanna be like Tune/ Grow up to be like Tune, throw up the B like Tune/ No one can be like Tune, know why? 'Cause he tycoon/ And if the shoe fits, wear it, I can't if these not new/ Lil' n---a, please, y'all my mini-mes/ But the kid is not my son, shout out Billie Jean/ You followin' my lead, my chopper isn't clean," Weezy rhymes.

In other news, body-cam footage of Lil Pump's December arrest at an airport terminal in Miami has surfaced, thanks to TMZ. The clip finds Pump repeatedly denying that the bag allegedly found with weed is his, which angers the officer to the point that he gets in his face and oddly screams, "Calm down!"

The 18-year-old was eventually proven right, as the luggage in question was deemed to be in the possession of another member of Pump's team, but he still had to enter a not guilty plea on misdemeanor charges.

Give "Be Like Me" a listen below.