Black History Inspirations: Bobby Sessions Shares Playlist Filled With Songs About Liberation

Bobby Sessions
Courtesy of Def Jam Recordings

Bobby Sessions

As part of Billboard's Black History Month celebration, we've asked Black artists spanning all genres to compile their own unique playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. Each song they've chosen represents their love for the culture across the diaspora -- from childhood favorites to songs that make them feel free. Today, Bobby Sessions shares his soundtrack.

"Black History Month is great reminder to pay homage and show respect for all of our incredible contributions to society," Sessions says. "Black History is general will be celebrated by me for a lifetime. All songs on this playlist touch on empowerment, self love, rebellion, and our desire to beat any challenge that life has thrown our way. I released two projects under a series called 'RVLTN' where I speak unapologetically about issues affecting the black community.

That wouldn't be possible without the brave music from talented artists that came before me."

Bobby Sessions released his major-label debut, RVLTN: The Divided States Of AmeriKKKa, last July. He also recorded the title track for October's The Hate U Give film starring Amandla Stenberg.

Listen to his playlist and check out the video below.