Wyclef Jean Debuts 'Demons Enjoy' Video With Moira Mack & Jeremy Torres: Exclusive

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Wyclef Jean, "Demons Enjoy" ft. Moira Mack & Jeremy Torres

After teaching masterclasses and hosting talent competitions while on tour at some of the A-list colleges across the United States, Wyclef Jean decided to fuse that newfound rush of creative energy into his next album. With his Wyclef Goes Back To School album slated to release March 15, the Haitian rapper delivers a potent visual to the project's lead single "Demons Enjoy," premiering on Billboard today (Feb. 15).

The "Sweetest Girl" artist shares the stage alongside a pair of college students with grand music aspirations. Both Moira Mack and Jeremy Torres take advantage of the platform alluded to them thanks to Clef. Mack, a USC graduate, starts off the clip by submerging herself in a rose pedal-filled bathtub, drowning in vivid flashbacks to childhood memories.

Wyclef reinserts himself into the visual in the role of a homeless veteran, who then attempts to rob a convenience store because of how dire his situation is. In the midst of the thievery, Jean stops cold, almost in a trance, once locking eyes with Mack at the store's entranceway, slowly putting his drawn weapon down. "I feel like we are living in a parallel universe, and this story reminds us that as much as we want to act like we are all different, we must be reminded that we have more in common than we may think," The Carnival artist explains to Billboard of the track's inspiration.

Moira adds that you can't underestimate the personal battles someone else could be fighting. "The video is a reflection of the song’s collaborative process. It was the convergence of three artists and our three perspectives. There is so much suffering in our world, so many tragedies and injustices; it’s difficult not to be swallowed by the pain. But everyone you interact with has their own personal hell," Mack conveys. "That is something we can all relate to."

Watch the "Demons Enjoy" video below.