Cardi B Blasts Conservative Columnist Stephanie Hamill for Questioning 'Twerk' Video

Cardi B
Jora Frantzis

Cardi B

"I can wear and not wear whatever I want," Cardi tweeted in response.

Cardi B just keeps on clapping back. On Tuesday morning (Jan. 22), City Girls' “Twerk” video, featuring Cardi B, came under question by conservative columnist Stephanie Hamill. “In the era of #MeToo how exactly does this empower women?” Hamill tweeted, with a clip of the “Twerk” video attached. Hamill also told “leftists” and Cardi B to “feel free to chime in” -- and chime in Cardi B did.

“It says to women that I can wear and not wear whatever I want,” Cardi tweeted back, “do [whatever] I want and that NO still means NO. So Stephanie chime in..If I twerk and be half naked does that mean I deserve to get raped and molested ? I want to know what a conservative woman like you thinks.”

In another tweet immediately following, Cardi spoke more broadly about criticism she has been receiving: “All these conservatives been harassing me and telling me the most disgusting things these past few days.

“Listen I’m not telling ya to turn liberal all I’m saying is to admit that your president is fuckin up this country right now! Liberal or conservative we ALL suffer as citizens.”

Hamill replied to Cardi’s retorts by agreeing that “no means no, no matter what” but stood by her initial judgment that the “Twerk” video objectifies women, before acknowledging that “maybe I’m just a hater because I can’t twerk. Come on my show, debate me!”

Wale came to Cardi’s defense by tweeting at Hamill that her point “made no sense” and she should “just say you jealous,” but we all know Cardi doesn’t need anybody to help her defend herself.

“Twerk” was released last week as a single from City Girls featuring Cardi B, and the video shows Cardi -- sometimes with only body paint covering her -- City Girls’ Yung Miami and many other women twerking, as the title suggests.

This is just the latest of many recent examples where Cardi has clashed publicly with conservatives online, including an Instagram video where Cardi called out President Trump for the government shutdown on Jan. 16 and a Twitter war with Fox News personality Tomi Lahren over the weekend.