10 Best Songs From Future's 'The WIZRD' Album Ranked: Critic's Pick

Marcelo Burlon & Mauricio


 The Future Hive rejoiced when Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD was presented to the world on January 18. Twenty tracks of Future spinning dishes of his musical identities was received with much acclaim on social media. With projections that Future will once again cross the six-figure sales mark for the fifth consecutive time, it’s evident that the idea of Future falling off is far from a reality.

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn’s seventh studio album is a testament to his staying power and uncanny ability to craft meticulous vibes that connect with an audience without exhausting them. Even at 20 songs, there’s just enough of a blend of different energy to keep fans enthused with what’s been delivered, as well as what's up next.

But now that we’ve had some time to soak up the album, what are the best tracks from The WIZRD? It was a difficult task, but we ranked the 10 best songs on the album.

10) "Call the Coroner"

There’s a certain husk to Future’s voice on “Call the Coroner” that lends credence to his claims of wanting to “live like a drug lord.” Every bar feels like a warning shot to any peasant who has considered forming a coup to usurp him from his throne. It’s the present-day trap version of the Netflix series Narcos crushed into musical form. The production from CuBeatz and TM88 captures the essence of these drug kingpin asserting his dominance over the game.

9) "Unicorn Purp" (Feat. Young Thug & Gunna)

Interestingly enough, Future decides to go at it alone for the most part on The WIZRD. But you had to expect that his slime brethren Young Thug would slide in alongside Gunna to provide the triple threat on “Unicorn Purp.” Aside from the eyebrow-raising song title, the trio pair up for each lap around the rattling of ATL Jacob’s production. Young Thug’s ad libs are perfection and it can be argued that this is exactly what we wanted from Thugga and Hndrxx when they teamed up for Super Slimey.  

8) "Promise U That"

Trap ballads are a specialty for Future, and this is him at his peak. The Tay Keith production is pitch perfect as Future is brooding with confidence. This is a sinister courtship with the idea that Future can absolutely buy a woman’s adoration. But there’s a Max Julian vibe that comes along with these immodest claims. He’ll promise that you might arrive riding in a car with a pretty dress but will leave on a jet with a mink coat hugging your shoulders. However, he has no problem sending these smitten women back to their men. Unfortunately, he masks it all so well behind Tay Keith melodies and intoxicating vocals that it’s too late when you realize that everything he’s spewing is just game.

7) "Crushed Up"

When it comes to flexing, Future is among the best. “Crushed Up” drips of boastful swag as Future needles at his haters with champagne wishes and caviar dreams brought into reality over dizzying Wheezy production. He only needs a couple of minutes to spew some bars with a ridiculously high appraisal. “I just put my whole damn arm in the fridge” and “I just blowed an M on my kids” is a not-so-friendly reminder that Future is living his best life and there’s nothing his detractors can do to stop him.

6) "F&N"

Wheezy, Southside & ATL Jacob connect like a southern version of the Super Friends to provide a nasty bounce for Future to flex all of his arrogant assertions. He’s "Frank Lucas and Mad Max!" He takes an "AK to a dinner date!" And then, after all of that bragging, the beat switches to something more sinister for Future to complete his boasting.

5) "Temptation"

Future sampling himself feels extraordinarily meta on “Temptation” as Future uses “Honest” to propel him into this track where battles the temptation for the vices that he worshipped back when he dropped his sophomore album in 2014. Tay Keith’s melodic production is the perfect carafe for Future to pour his pain into. Once shaken and stirred, it serves as a reminder that Future will always have his struggles, no matter how successful he is.

4) "Never Stop"

Future kicks off the album with a hearty helping of introspection on the Billboard Hitmakers & ATL Jacob-produced “Never Stop.” With bars that glide over the production focusing on his ability to overcome in the face of adversity, Future sets the tone for the rest of The WIZRD. Lush production and verbal offerings that touch on everything from being shot as a teenager and being in debt to his presence on the Forbes highest earning hip hop acts bringing tears to his eyes, this is a aural journey through Future’s trials and tribulations stuffed in five minutes of music.

3) "Krazy but True"

This is one hell of a woozy bass ballad produced by Wheezy. Future lightheartedly spars with those who cast stones in a glass house. He cleverly delivers one humble brag after another by shrugging each one of them off with the title of the song. Penthouse with both a living room and a garage in it? Krazy, but true. Being the father to the current generation of young stars as the singular influence on how they handle everything from their adlibs to their mixtape releases? Krazy, but true. This is the epitome of an “excuse me, but this is a friendly reminder that I’m better than you” vibe that only Future can have his haters singing along to. Now that’s an accomplishment.

2) "Tricks On Me"

Nineteen85 serves up the perfect platter for Future to close out the album. After 19 songs of trap ballads, “Tricks On Me” has an altogether different feel from the rest of the album. A clever flip on the haunting paranoia that the Geto Boys traversed 18 years ago, Future allows us to ride shotgun with him as he manages his paranoia born out of living the street life. He’s made it but there will always be moments where he looks over his shoulder.

This is the aural equivalent of that final shot where the camera slowly zooms away from the main character, who is standing over his kingdom with his arms outstretched, basking in his own glory as the credits roll. You know the story isn’t quite over and a sequel is coming, but this particular chapter his come to a close.   

1) "Baptize"

There’s something magical about the beat pack provided to Future for this song. It starts off as a dreamy cinematic of juxtaposition. One moment he’s soaking in his Bel Air lifestyle and in the very next bar he’s recalling the sheisty cast of characters with murderous intentions that he grew up around. Just as he lulls you into contentment with this balancing act between two worlds, the beat switches and shakes you back to reality with low end fuzzy bass, chilling synths and a drunken siren.

Sampling his own “Slave Master,” Future’s flow changes up to something that’s far most chest-thumping. Could this have been two separate songs? Sure. But the way Future hops out of one instrumental and into the other is an exercise in beat manipulation. It shouldn’t work so seamlessly, but it does. This is the pinnacle of the album climax and encapsulates the musical universes that Future warps to and from on each album. “Baptize” is absolutely undeniable.