YNW Melly Recruits Kanye West For Robot-Driven 'Mixed Personalities' Video: Watch

Kanye West YNW Melly
Courtesy Photo

YNW Melly featuring Kanye West, "Mixed Personalities"

More and more these days, Kanye West is expected to make his proclamations in public forums outside of music, which makes his unexpected verse on YNW Melly’s new single titled “Mixed Personalities” all the more surprising.

YNW Melly, the 19-year-old Florida rapper who broke out last year with his "Murder on My Mind" single, released his official music video for “Mixed Personalities” through Lyrical Lemonade on Thursday night (Jan. 17).

The video begins with Melly being told to smile into the camera before it cuts to Melly sitting at a school desk and wearing a mock letterman jacket with “Mixed Personalities” written across the back. Melly is surrounded by robots until, out of literally nowhere, Kanye appears.

“I think I got mixed personalities,” he offers. “This bitch switched up my whole mentality/ This girl, she got mixed personalities/ One day, she’s happy then she’s mad at me.”

Kanye dances freely while maintaining eye contact with the camera set up below him. His blond hair and arms become one with the grass, trees and vines behind him. Throughout the video, Melly is seen dancing with the robots in an otherwise empty grassy space. Kanye never shares the same screen as Melly, but they do share verses.

Watch the “Mixed Personalities” video -- directed by hip-hop visual auteur Cole Bennett -- below.