Quavo Talks 'Culture III,' Travis Scott Playing Super Bowl Halftime & His Mountain Dew Team-Up

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Quavo of Migos attends the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 20, 2018 in Las Vegas.  

"We put a lot of influence into the game before we even got noticed worldwide. A lot of people were picking off of us and taking all of our creativity," says Quavo. When an opportunity arises to get creative with their brand, Huncho looks for the Migos to pounce. Mountain Dew is the latest to be added to the group's laundry list of partnerships, as the 27-year-old crafted a new track "Position to Win" to star in the brand's "Do the DEW" campaign commercial, which should land on streaming services soon.

"We wanted to bring it to the culture with the EDM-trap twist to it," the ATL star told Billboard of the uptempo tune's inspiration. Being the Quarterback of the Culture, Quavo is always busy delivering passes to an array of receivers, most notably his talented core members of the Migos. "I think it's a big moment for us," he concludes.

Quavo's next target is finishing the highly anticipated Culture III, which he says isn't done just yet. Huncho expects the project to arrive promptly following Offset's delayed solo effort.

Billboard caught up with Quavo to see how the Mountain Dew deal came together, working on "Pure Water" and a bunch of other tracks with Mustard, having Travis Scott and Big Boi hit the stage for the halftime performance at the Super Bowl in Atlanta, and much more. Give it a read below.

How did this partnership with Mountain Dew come together?

Quavo: I want to thank Mountain Dew for believing in us and tapping into our world visually to make us the biggest group. We appreciate something that you grew up watching and the brand being around for such a long time. We always saw their commercials. It's neck and neck with the Pepsi commercials. 

You made a new song for the official commercial, correct? I believe it's called "Position to Win."

It was great working with them. They had great energy and let us be creative. We put our own twist on it. It was good. Yeah, the song is called "Position to Win." I made the beat and DJ Durel and I even did parts of the production. We went crazy on there. We wanted to give it an EDM-trap feel. That was my thinking putting that together. 

The process wasn't difficult, but it was definitely challenging. We had the beat and it was an uptempo and more energetic beat. We listened to that and thought how could we break it down into our world and drip it out? We wanted to bring it to the culture with the EDM-trap twist to it. 

How important is keeping your branding on point? The Migos have had partnerships with a range of companies.

We just love being a part of everything. If we call ourselves the culture, we most definitely have to impact it. We put a lot of influence into the game before we even got noticed worldwide. A lot of people were picking off of us and taking all of our creativity. That's why we called our first album Culture

We just wanted to tell the people everyone's been getting the triplet flows, styles, new wave, dance moves, all from us the last few years. If anyone calls, we're ready to work if they got a platform where we could express ourselves as the culture. A lot of trending things come from us. We love to be in the way. 

Did you guys potentially want to perform at the halftime show this year for the Super Bowl with it being in Atlanta?

It's something we put up for questioning, but due to a lot of things going on, we won't put a definite answer on it. We'll talk about it amongst the people and see how they feel about it.

Were you happy to see Big Boi and Travis Scott take the halftime gig?

Of course I'm proud to see my partner Travis, this is a big stage for him. It's just too much going on. We talked about [it] and had a great conversation. I'm proud of Big Boi because he represents the city of Atlanta. It's not as tough as the world want to make it. As long as we got understanding as grown men and what our understanding is for the future.

What was the creative process for "Pure Water" with Mustard?

I was in Los Angeles and he hit my phone and told me to come to the studio. I just went on a spree and made like seven songs in two days. That's the one he picked out and we put everyone on it. He really wanted to do a Migos and Mustard project with all the music I had did that day. We're just wrapping up a lot of shit. When I pull up, I pull up and work. I'll drop a whole bunch of records off. There's a lot more in the stash. 

Where are the Migos at with Culture III?

Culture III is not ready yet. We're waiting on Offset's solo album. 

So Offset's going to go first and then Culture III?


What were the recent sessions working with Kanye West on Yandhi in Miami like?

It was some good vibes. All positive. The shit was hard. The shit he got is going crazy. 

Soulja Boy told The Breakfast Club that he gave you the "Versace" beat, is that true?

Nah, he recorded on the "Versace" beat. Zaytoven normally does this all the time where he sends the same beat out. Growing up, I think I heard the song, it was like an "OMG" song. Then we ended up doing a harder record with some harder lyrics. Soulja most definitely influenced a lot of everybody's work. He's speaking facts. He hasn't said anything wrong. 

What did you think about notching your first diamond plaque for "Congratulations" with Post Malone?

I gotta be the first young guy to go diamond like that. That's going to go down in trap history. 

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