Soulja Boy Calls Out Fans for Dubbing Tyga Comeback Artist of 2018: 'Get the F--- Out of Here'

Before 2018 came to a close, Soulja Boy made a bold proclamation: He had the biggest comeback of the year. On Thursday night, Soulja doubled down on his statement and even skewered Tyga in the process during a session on Instagram Live.

“N---as up in here talking about Tyga. Tyga? Tyga?! Huh?" a vexed Soulja said after fans dubbed Tyga the comeback artist of 2018. "Tyga had the biggest... Man, get the fuck out of here!”  

Later, he continued his scathing diatribe by taking stabs at the rap game as a whole for making lackluster music.  “You n---as is trash, bruh, making this trash ass fucking music, saturating the fucking game. I sat back 2018, I sat back 2017 and watched you lame ass rappers fuck the rap game up. I been in this shit 10 years. I started rapping when I was 17," he said. 

As previously mentioned, Soulja boasted about his 2018 last month on Twitter. "I had the biggest come back of 2018 big facts," Soulja wrote. "Signed a record deal. Did four new tv shows and signed an endorsement deal with Fashion Nova release my own smart watch and video game console n---az thought it was over for me after all that beef shit. Never count a real one out! I’m up 20 M’s!"

Watch Soulja Boy's rant below.