Lil Wayne's College Football Championship Halftime Show Outfit Instantly Became Twitter's Favorite New Joke

Lil Wayne
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

 Lil Wayne performs with Imagine Dragons during the 2019 ESPN College Football Playoff halftime performance at Treasure Island on Jan. 7, 2019 in San Francisco. 

College football fans were glued to their TVs Monday night (Jan. 7) as the Clemson Tigers took down the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship. But once the halftime show began, all focus shifted to what Lil Wayne was wearing.

The rapper seemed to throw on just about anything he had in his closet for his performance, and Twitter took no mercy. Almost immediately, hilarious comparisons to E.T., Spongebob, Joey from Friends, Willy Wonka, and The Hamburglar surfaced -- and they weren't wrong.

Wayne sported a rather outrageous mutli-layer outfit as he performed alongside Imagine Dragons, combining wacky patterns with equally zany garments: a striped scarf, bright red pants, oversized slouchy boots, a graffiti-print shirt, sparkly Elton John-esque sunglasses, a big-brimmed black hat, and a spotted fur coat to top it all off.

Yes, it looked as bizarre as it sounds, and Twitter users had a heyday. Check out some of the best comparisons below.