Nas Addresses Police Brutality in Chilling 'Cops Shot The Kid' Video: Watch

Nas Cops Shot The Kid
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Nas, "Cops Shot The Kid"

Nas brought his 11th studio album to life with a short film for Nasir back in November, and returned on Monday (Jan. 7) to flesh out his cinematic visual idea for project standout cut "Cops Shot The Kid."

The chilling clip expands on the footage captured from the original compilation, but makes sure to implement a cameo from New York legend Slick Rick, whose "Children's Story" is sampled throughout. 

The Rohan Blair-Mangat-directed video begins with the Queensbridge native reflecting on the beach, while the calming scene pivots to a more frenetic position, featuring a young black boy being brutalized at the hands of law enforcement. At one point, the kid is thrown onto the hood of a police cruiser with a pistol being brandished in his direction.

Kanye West is nowhere to be found in the video, though his guest verse is still used to power the socially conscious track. Nasir was crafted as part of Yeezy's Wyoming sessions and rolled out in the midst of his five-week G.O.O.D. Music summer domination plans. The seven-track album went on to be one of the most polarizing releases of 2018 between critics and Nas' dedicated fanbase. 

Give the "Cops Shot The Kid" video a look below.