Tee Grizzley Motivates the Youth With New 'We Dreamin' Video: Watch

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Tee Grizzley "We Dreamin"

Tee Grizzley closed out 2018 with some heavy street motivation on his Still My Moment mixtape, which arrived just six months after his debut album. The Detroit MC dropped jewel after jewel in his attempt to instill wisdom in the next generation. On Friday (Jan. 4), Grizzley brings his vision to life through the Diego-directed "We Dreamin" video.

The clip starts off with Tee staring into the horizon atop an apartment building, talking up his plans to manifest his dreams of going from rags to riches in any manner possible. A possible flashback takes us to a younger version of Grizzley getting caught up in the drug game. The dope house he dealt out of eventually gets raided by law enforcement, as the 24-year-old is handcuffed following an extended chase on foot.

Being one of the few to make it out of his neighborhood, the 300 Entertainment artist sees himself as a mentor and role model in the community. Speaking to Billboard in November, Grizzley says he wished there was someone in his life earlier to guide him in the right direction.

"I wish somebody would've did that for me. If I had someone that been through these certain things that I knew I was probably headed toward, it may have gave me some jewels or real knowledge," he believes. "I probably would've listened and went a different way."

Give the "We Dreamin" video a look below.