Former Das Racist Member Kool A.D. Accused of Sexual Assault

Kool A.D. Das Racist
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Kool A.D. of Das Racist performs onstage during Day 3 of the 2012 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival on June 9, 2012 in Manchester, Tenn.

Four women, including the rapper's ex-wife, claim he forced himself on them.

Former Das Racist rapper Kool A.D. (born Victor Vazquez) has been accused of sexual assault by four women in a report by Pitchfork posted on Monday.

The disturbing allegations, which reportedly took place between 2006-2015, include claims by Vazquez's estranged wife, Saba Moeel, a former friend (Marta Martinez), former collaborator (Andie Flores) and an acquaintance referred to as "Senn" in the piece, who all related what they claimed were nonconsensual sexual encounters that Vazquez said he believed to be consensual at the time.

Moeel (a visual artist who records under the name Cult Days), who has made similar allegations against Vazquez in the past, told Pitchfork that in the midst of the couple's divorce proceedings last year, she recalled a non-consensual encounter from 2010-2011, in which she told the rapper that they could "hook up, but I don't want to have sex tonight." She claimed that he agreed and then "he did it anyway, and I just froze, and he was like, 'Oh it's OK, just for a little bit." She also alleged that Vazquez forced her to perform oral sex on him without her consent while she was "super drunk" during a New Year's Eve party during that same period.

In a statement sent to Billboard, Vazquez said, "It was never my intention to hurt anybody, but through ignorance, entitlement and ego, I now see that I have." As for Moeel's allegations, he added, "Despite everything, Saba is still the mother of my child so I am bound by my daughter’s blood to love her and care for her mental and physical health and safety. I have been working to better myself and will continue to do so, and similarly, I hope Saba finds the help she needs."

Martinez, a close friend from their time at Wesleyan University who'd been intimate with Vazquez in the past, said their relationship became platonic in the summer of 2006, when she claimed he woke her up several times during the night attempting to engage her in sexual activity, which she reportedly declined. By morning, feeling "super pressured," she agreed and then fell asleep, shortly after finding him having sex with her. She later learned she was pregnant and Vazquez accompanied her to have an abortion.

Vazquez said in the statement that he recalled that night, during which he said he was intoxicated and his judgment impaired, and was "surprised" to hear Martinez's account, but said he didn't "wish to deny her truth"; Martinez said she drank earlier in the night but was sober at the time of the alleged assault. Martinez didn't report the incident to police at the time because she said she was 'in complete denial" at the time, and came forward now because "it pained me to learn he continued to hurt others." Vazquez apologized to Martinez and said it was never his intention to hurt her.

Another alleged victim, Senn, said she went to a Kool A.D. show in December 2013 and ended up at an after party with her acquaintance Vazquez, where both said they took hallucinogenic mushrooms. They went to her apartment afterwards, where the rapper allegedly began "aggressively kissing" her, which she said was shocking, and then he started performing oral sex on her against her wishes and forced another sex act on her against her consent. The next morning she said they had brunch and while she didn't call police, she did visit a crisis center. 

Again, Vazquez said that his recollection of the event differed from Senn's, but he did not "wish to deny her truth. I believe her pain to be real and I am sorry to have caused it. In retrospect I can see that I came over to her place making the wrong assumptions. I did not make an sufficient effort to understand her wants and needs, I let drugs, alcohol, ego and lust cloud my empathy an awareness." Senn said the incident changed her life, leading to a year-long estrangement from her mother because of the shame she felt. 

The fourth alleged victim, Flores, met Vazquez at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, in spring 2012, became friendly and started helping book shows for Das Racist in New York a short time later. She was at Bonnaroo in June with the rapper that summer, when she claimed he "tried to finger [her]" during a van ride, then, later that summer in New York, she said he had unprotected sex with her against her wishes. Three years later she let him stay at her place in Austin during SXSW, where he allegedly pressured her to let him stay in her bed, where he again reportedly had unprotected, non-consensual sex with her.

“I couldn’t quite process at the time how to feel better,” Flores said. “It wasn’t like he straight up raped me, right? I mean, I could have hit him or yelled or freaked him out to leave me alone, but we were friends! That’s just how he was, and it sucked, but the other parts of the friendship were good and cool, right? There was a very clear power dynamic and for some reason, I wanted to be blind to it. You don’t treat a friend like that. You don’t.”

Vazquez said that his memory of their relationship differs from hers "in a number of ways," but again said he didn't wish to deny her truth. 

In his statement, Vazquez said, “I know I still have a lot of unlearning to do regarding sex, ego, pride, and masculinity. I’m learning to recognize the toxic ideals of masculinity that I unthinkingly bought into. I compulsively sought validation through sex, selfishly unaware of the harm I was causing. I’m trying to be vigilant about consent, have more direct conversations, check myself and really be present and attentive to the wants and needs of the women in my life and not just in sexual relationships but in my relationships with all women... I am learning to confront myself now so that I may transform my toxic patterns for the sake of my daughter, my family and friends, my girlfriend, my community and myself. I want to utilize whatever is left of my marginal celebrity to help foster more healthy ideas of masculinity and challenge the expectations that arise from gender binaries. I don’t want to cause anyone any more pain. I don’t want to be a source of trauma. I want a clear mind and an open heart.”

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