Lil Wayne Enters 'The Bumbu Room' to Answer Fans' Questions About Kobe Bryant, Nicki Minaj & More: Exclusive

Lil Wayne
Courtesy of Bumbu

Lil Wayne during an interview for The Bumbu Room.

Lil Wayne enters The Bumbu Room for the debut episode of the fresh series from the luxe liquor brand, premiering with Billboard Monday (Dec. 17). Weezy answers an array of fan-submitted questions ranging from his taste in women, to the heated Kobe versus Michael Jordan debate, and Nicki Minaj.

With Wayne often rapping about his eclectic sensual ways, fans had some questions regarding the mix of two Weezy favorites in smoking and women. "I have ashed my blunt on a booty while having sex," the New Orleans native candidly admits. "My man, Hoody, he is a dog when it comes to a big booty. Let me mind you this is a fat guy. I've saw this guy eat a meal off [a butt], a good nice meal."

When it comes to Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, the 36-year-old is always siding with the queen of Young Money. "Nicki," he emphatically states. "We would go into the studio and make beautiful music, then we would go into somewhere else and make beautiful something else."

Being the sports fanatic and diehard Los Angeles Lakers fans that he is, the "Uproar" artist views Laker legend Kobe Bryant as the greatest to ever touch the hardwood. "That is a tough question. These days they think the tough question is Jordan or LeBron. No, Jordan or Kobe is the tough question. Jordan, forgive me, but it's Kobe," Wayne boldly declares.

Watch Lil Wayne get the full experience inside The Bumbu Room below.