The Bonfyre Debuts Sultry, Neon 'Automatic' Music Video: Watch

The Bonfyre
Micaiah Carter

The Bonfyre

Rising Atlanta-based artist The Bonfyre is premiering a new video for her smooth R&B jam “Automatic,” exclusively on Billboard. Backed by a low-key, magnetic beat, the silky song has The Bonfyre giving into the electricity of attraction.

“‘Automatic’ is all about knowing what you want, no games, no chase,” the soulful singer-songwriter says of the new release. “Let’s get straight to it because this is what I want and I’m sure."

The video plays off this idea with The Bonfyre cruising through flirtation while at a gas station to buy a drink and snack. “You ain't gotta play games with me, it's automatic,” she sings in her rich, velvety tone as an attractive man follows closely behind her.

In one scene she hangs on, in and around a neon-glowing car while sporting a tight red getup; In another, she grooves against a brick wall while showing off her vivid puffy red jacket. The heat concludes with The Bonfyre smiling at the guy she earlier exchanged a few glances with, as he finally takes her hand.

Watch the smooth new video below.