Mac Miller Had a Parody Instagram Account to Perform Vape Tricks

Mac Miller
Scott Roth/Invision/AP

Mac Miller performs at the 2016 The Meadows Music and Arts Festivals at Citi Field on Oct. 2, 2016 in Flushing, New York.

Mac Miller had many aliases over the course of his career, from Larry Fisherman to Delusional Thomas. But there was another moniker Mac adopted that fans have dug up since his death: Lars, who performed hilarious vaping tricks on a parody Instagram account.

The Pittsburgh native showed off his smoking ability and sense of humor over 10 posts during the first week of July last year on the @CloudyWithAChanceofAwesome69 account, which is still up and running now. The account has now accumulated more than 57,000 followers, as of press time. That number should only significantly rise with word beginning to spread and more fans discovering the bittersweet "manual to maximizing litness."

The Swimming artist dubbed tricks like "Chef Boy RD," where he'd plug his nose with cherry tomatoes and launch them out following a huge rip of his vape pen. Another, found Miller sipping on some coffee early in the morning hours, in which he'd mix in a vape hit that would force him to actually spit out his coffee for a move he called the "Kaluha."