Benny The Butcher Rattles the Competition With Sharp Wordplay in 'Broken Bottles' Video: Watch

Benny the Butcher
Carlos Maldonado

Benny The Butcher

With rap aficionados salivating over Benny The Butcher's Tana Talk 3 project, the Griselda Records MC decided keep the chatter going with his new gritty video "Broken Bottles."

Clad in all-black, the cerebral lyricist slices and dices his way through The Alchemist's ominous soundscape with precision. "On parole, I was going all in with ten/ These funny hustlers out here owing more than they spend/ She fuck with you, you buy her a Chanel watch/ She fly out with twelve blocks, I buy her a nail shop," he raps. 

Later, B.E.N.N.Y. continues his lyrical assault in a tiny apartment among his cohorts, as he boasts about his mob ties. "The Butcher coming, y’all know the motto/ Those Sopranos had fiends smoking white out Sprite soda bottles/ Mob boss like I’m Joe Todaro/ My dollars long and my plug got a farm like he Old MacDonald," he spews. 

Watch "Broken Bottles" below.