Big Freedia Talks Beyonce, Coming Out to Her Mom With Wendy Williams: Watch

Big Freedia is a living legend in her native New Orleans, but the Queen of Bounce got a huge endorsement from another Queen B in 2016 when Beyoncé invited her to lend her voice to "Formation."   

Her contribution to the Lemonade single is huge, and her "I did not come to play with you hos!" is iconic in its own right -- so naturally the collaboration is one of the first things Wendy Williams brought up when Freedia buckled up for the latest episode of her digital series, Backseat Heat with Wendy Williams.

"My publicist called and said, 'Beyoncé wants to talk to you,'" she told Williams in this exclusive sneak peek of today's Backseat Heat episode (Nov. 26). "I'm like, 'Why are you on the phone?! Why you didn't just give her my number?!'"

After Freedia and Bey were finally connected, Beyoncé's team sent over a "three-second snippet" of what would become "Formation" for Freedia to work with. They eventually shot the video for the track in New Orleans, but Freedia, unfortunately, was unable to be a part of it due to her own commitments.

"They did call about the video," she says. "I was on tour... so I missed it."

Freedia also opened up about her relationship with her mother, and how she came out to her mom when she was 12 at her birthday party.

"When I told her, she said, 'Mama already know, baby,'" she recalled. "That was my backbone, baby. She was my protector. She taught me class and to be who I am and not be afraid. She was my rock."

For the full episode of Backseat Heat with Wendy Williams and additional chats with Williams and Freedia about Beyoncé, Drake and more, visit wendyshow.com.

Watch Big Freedia look back on the moment she came out to her mom below.