Meek Mill Drops Two New Songs, Performs 'Oodles O' Noodles Babies' on 'Tonight Show': Watch

Meek Mill
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Meek Mill performs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Nov. 21, 2018.

Christmas came early for Meek Mill fans on Wednesday night (Nov. 21) when the "Litty" rapper dropped two new songs, "Oodles O' Noodles Babies" and "Uptown Vibes" (featuring Fabolous and Anuel AA) from his upcoming Championships album (Nov. 30). 

"Vibes" has a sinuous Latin vibe thanks to a hip-swiveling horn line that runs through the song, in which Meek raps, "Ho, Spanish bitches call me Chulo/ When I'm pullin' up in that two-door/ Diamonds different color, Uno/ All these hunnids on me, mami, make my pockets look like Sumo." After a brief verse from Fab, Puerto Rican rapper AA drops in for a Spanish verse that references narcos, Versace and Jennifer Lopez.

"Oodles," which Meek performed on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night, is a nostalgic throwback jam in which the rapper looks back on his childhood in Philadelphia. "I think it's funny how/ We used to go to school, play SEGA's/ And then, next thing you know, you runnin' 'round with Glock .40s/ We ain't never believed in the police, they was shootin' us," he rapped solemnly on Fallon, alluding to the harsh transition from playing games as a youth to his troubles with the law and early years of poverty where cups of noodles were all he had to eat.

The songs are slated to appear on Mill's first full-length album since his release from prison in April; he dropped the 4-track Legends of Summer EP in July.

Watch Mill's Tonight Show performance of "Oodles" below.   

Listen to "Uptown Vibes."