Kodie Shane Shares Her Most Vulnerable Side On Debut Album 'Young HeartThrob'

Kodie Shane
Grant Spanier

Kodie Shane

“She just stole her mom’s car,” Kodie Shane recalls to Billboard. “Even though we had already met her the night before that at the Oakland show, she stole her mom’s car that same night and drove it to Los Angeles for the next show, too.” In 2017, Shane headed out on her Zero Gravity Tour with Lil Yachty, where one of her favorite tour memories occurred.

“Her mom is messaging us on social media like, ‘My daughter stole my car to go see you again. Do y’all know where she’s at?’” Shane laughs as she reminisces about the fan memory. “She was young, of course. She made it, though. I did see her at the LA show and I signed her face and everything. It was lit. I’ll never forget that.”

This level of attachment comes as a result of Shane striving to make her music as honest and relatable as it can be, naturally making her supporters feel as if she’s a close friend who is growing alongside them. Since the Zero Gravity Tour, her fanbase has grown exponentially, and now, there are probably plenty more fans who would be willing to hijack the family vehicle just to go see 20-year-old Shane perform.

Just over a week ago (Nov. 9), the Atlanta singer-rapper officially released her debut album, Young HeartThrob, and by the time she arrived at her release party, her supporters were already clinging to every hook. “It’s their album now,” she tells Billboard. “We make music and we get to hold these projects to ourselves for so long. Now, it’s everybody’s. They get to do whatever they want with it.” Shane is slated to head out and strengthen that bond with fans during the Young Heartthrob World Tour, which kicks off on Feb. 5th in Stockholm, Sweden, and wraps up in the U.S. on March 20 in Houston, Texas.

Young HeartThrob is led by the single “Love and Drugz II,” a collaboration with fellow melodic rapper and friend, Trippie Redd. The two have supported each other since 2015 and have multiple tracks together, including the recent “Negative Energy" from Redd’s November release, A Love Letter to You 3.


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Despite her early love for basketball, music has always been Shane’s main outlet. By 15, thanks to her present-day right-hand producer, Matty P, she found herself in the studio nearly everyday, where she could  experiment with no boundaries. Young Shane initially started off solely rapping, but eventually found comfort in singing as well.

Shane’s ability to switch in and out between aggression-filled bars, straight into softer, more blissful and vulnerable vocals makes her sound hard to categorize. It’s her versatile palette that landed her a slot on Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team during a time in her life she crafted some of her most pivotal early hits like “Sad” and “Hold Up,” which served as the launching pad to her current career.

The biggest shift Shane sees in her career is the maturation of her sound, which she describes as not so much different, but just a more “polished and better version of what it already was.” Despite her youth, Shane already knows exactly what she wants her art to portray, without worrying about the back-and-forth of trying to figure out which lane she feels most at home in.

“I can actually remember exactly a year ago my music has changed drastically,” she says. “But not the sound, it’s just matured. Right now, my music is just a more polished and better version of what it already was, but it’s not a different sound. You still hear it and you know for sure it’s me. I never felt the need to change my sound; it’s just developing and growing into what it is now.”

On the album, Shane presents her most vulnerable work yet. Songs such as “Shut Up” and “Love & Drugz II” detail her romantic side. “High Speeds,” the album’s third track and fourth single, is a personal favorite of hers because it’s her way of “telling her story.” After years of building up her presence, Shane is at a pivotal moment in her career, and she’s about to go off with no fear and an unstoppable mindset, at high speeds.