Dvsn Gets Soulful In Smooth 'Tiny Desk Concert': Watch

Courtesy of NPR


In between roaring vocals and soulful arrangements, Dvsn brought their R&B-infused sound to NPR's office for an intimate Tiny Desk Concert. Singer Daniel Daley was the only one who made the trip to represent the act that also features singer/producer Nineteen85. With a four-piece band and three gifted backing vocalists, Daley delivered an impressive vocal performance while exploring sentimental lyrics tackling break ups and make ups. Rocking sunglasses and a shiny gold grill, his crystal vocals rose up above a scene set by lit candles and the colorful, moody lighting. 

Kicking off with "Too Deep," the three backing vocalists set the mellow mood with their angelic vocal synergy as Daley explored breathtaking high notes with his silky timbre. Adding to the smoothness, he chanted the steamy lyrics, "Don't you, baby, pull out/ We're right where we're supposed to be/ I just wanna go down/ Give you what you want, completely."

On "Body Smile" the delicate guitar chords added affection and a sense of nostalgia to the song's jazzy feel as the Toronto-based singer traveled through the reflective lyrics, "Now that you know/ You were better than I was ready for/ It's not like before, no/ Tonight I'm making up for it all."

Keeping it soulful, Daley closed out with "Mood" as the dramatic red lighting added to the song's title and the stripped-down arrangement highlighted his soaring vocals. Allowing the band to have their moment, the end of the performance was marked by an electric jam session. 

Watch Dvsn's Tiny Desk Concert below.