Get to Know 'Mooo!' Singer Doja Cat: Watch

Doja Cat – the singer behind the viral sensation ‘Mooo!’ – stopped by the Billboard office to help fans get to know a bit more about her as part of the “You Should Know” video series.

Asked what her first ever job was, Doja says that she never had one before being a musician. “I've never worked behind a cash register before,” she tells Billboard. “I just started singing 'cause I had dropped out of school.”

She explains that she opened up GarageBand, started putting in beats that she found on YouTube and tracked vocals over them. “I didn't even have a mic,” she shares. “It was the built in microphone. I'd be on my mattress, on the floor, with a blanket over my head and I'd record into the internal mic, and it was just so messy but people liked what I was doing.”

Doja’s biggest guilty pleasures, she divulges, are lobster with butter, the unusual combination of dipping Oreos into Capri Sun, and social media. Speaking of social media, she also says that her best advice for people would be to not get drunk and go on Instagram Live or Periscope. “Don't do it. Bad idea,” she emphasizes.

If she could collaborate with any artist, Doja would love to hit the studio with Pharrell Williams. As for who she would want to play her in a movie, the singer names Tinashe.

Doja also chats about the inspiration behind her breakout song ‘Mooo!,’ revealing that it all stemmed from the outfit she was wearing at the time she wrote it. “That top that you see in the video is the reason, 100%,” she says. “I have no affinity for cows. I mean, they're cool. I don't spend my time on farms. I don't like the smell, to be honest.”

When it came to making the music video, Doja actually filmed it using a sheet she had in her closet and the Photobooth app on her laptop.

“I open that up, I pinned some sheets to my wall and then I found some GIFs,” she says, adding that the track blew up three weeks before her tour started, so it ended up being great promo. “People think I did it on purpose and I didn't,” she says, “So I feel like I'm a genius!”

You can watch the full video above, and check out the mooo-sic video below.