XXXTentacion Talked About Domestic Abuse Charges, Trump and More Over the Phone While in Jail: Report

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The unearthed recordings of X's jail calls also got dark, with the rapper reportedly saying, 'I'm a big walking demon.'

Newly-released transcripts of some of the hundreds of phone calls, reportedly made by late rapper XXXTentacion while he was in jail in late 2016-early 2017, paint a picture of a tempestuous 18 year-old swinging from rage and threats of vengeance, to expression of love, lust, nihilism and hubris about his stature in the rap game. (Warning: this story includes graphic depictions of domestic violence.) 

The 59 recordings, reportedly obtained by Pitchfork, were made while XXX (born Jahseh Onfroy) was in jail for six months at Metro West Detention Center outside Miami after his arrest on charges of aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, witness tampering and false imprisonment.

They are among the 200-plus calls he reportedly made -- all recorded -- while locked up, which total more than 16 hours, many of which took place in one 46-hour stretch from Oct. 25-27, 2016. The calls to friends, his mother, associates and a number of women he appeared to be courting or already intimate with come just a month after Pitchfork reported on confidential tapes made without X's knowledge by a friend, in which he discussed abusing his ex-girlfriend and stabbing multiple people.  

"The calls evince a tempestuous, troubled 18-year-old, repeating himself often and sometimes chuckling inexplicably, as he delivered crude banter, harsh threats, and despondent murmurs," Pitchfork reports, ominously quoting the rapper -- who knew he was being taped -- saying, "I swear if I had the opportunity to sell my soul, bruh, I would do just make the rest of life fucking easy, bruh, because this shit is just too much." 

In one alleged call, X denied the allegations that he kept his ex-girlfriend hostage, telling the woman he was talking to, "How did I keep you hostage if you managed to leave, you fucking bitch, bruh?," claiming that he was "in the fucking living room playing Minecraft with my fucking fans, and this bitch disappears.” He also claimed in the other calls that his ex "got jumped" -- without saying by whom -- that she was never pregnant and that "I already got what I wanted, I already bashed her face -- her face on the internet, bruh, I done made her look bad on the internet." In the same call, he reportedly told a woman that he wasn't threatening her, while warning her to "keep my name out ya mouth, or I'ma make sure you got to jail for a very, very, very long fucking time."

The rapper also reportedly asked a man he spoke to to send him a humiliating video of his ex -- which matches one posted to YouTube a few days later -- later giggling over a different story about degrading his ex, boasting "she would just do anything I said." The range of emotions and topics is head-spinning, from anger over the alleged theft of his laptop charger and someone wearing his clothes while he was behind bars to a request that his crew beat up a 16 year-old friend who he thought had let someone use his cellphone to repost songs on X's SoundCloud account. "Shut the fuck up before I make them slap you and make you suck a dick on camera," he allegedly threatened the teen, later telling his friends, "Beat that boy ass. I'ma call back. I want that man ass beat."

X was also obsessed with his place in the music world, reportedly bragging about how much money he was allegedly making by selling clothes and posting other artist's songs on SoundCloud, the expected "fat" checks he was awaiting from SoundCloud, the number of likes on his mugshot on Instagram and his boast that he was going to "dominate the whole country. I'll be bigger than Drake," after he located the agency that repped Kanye West, A$AP Rocky and Diplo.

Between all that, XXX apparently found the time to weigh in on the then-heated presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with the rapper predicting that "once Trump get in it's over for all the minorities pretty much...that president shit is real. That's why n***as be sayin' make sure you vote." He told another woman that if Trump was elected "the lower classes are gonna be fucked," adding that "Hillary's garbage too," claiming, falsely, that the former First Lady and Sec. of State wanted to make abortion illegal and "take away our guns." 

In his dimmest moments, XXX allegedly told women he spoke to, "I'm a big walking demon...did I ever tell you I have the mark of the beast?," alternating that with requests about how to "align your chakras" and open his "third eye," while also telling a woman who appeared to be his mother, "I done put my mom through a lot and she still fuck with me. I'm just happy I got you is all...I'm just trying to talk to my mom and not be depressed." That conversation also found him warning his mother that though it might make her angry to say so, he felt that "[the alleged victim] reminded me so much of you."

In the end, the alleged tapes reveal an 18 year-old who balanced trying to sound hard and confident with a scared teen worried about what his future held. "I just wish I was close to my mom...but I ruined that relationship too," he told one man. "I don't blame nobody else but myself," also telling his mother, "There's still a chance. I'm not dead yet."

XXX died on June 18 at age 20 after being shot during an armed robbery at a Deerfield, Fla. motorcycle dealership. A spokesperson could not be reached for comment as of press time.

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