Jacob Banks Releases Gripping 'Slow Up' Video: Watch

Jacob Banks - Slow Up
Courtesy Photo

Jacob Banks, "Slow Up"

Jacob Banks released the thought-provoking and moving music video for his latest single “Slow Up” on Tuesday (Nov. 6).

“Slow Up,” co-directed by the 27-year-old English singer and Mo Swaleh, poignantly captures the human experience, emphasizing that we are stronger together than we are alone. Banks weaves together the narratives of completely different people, from a mother dancing with her son in a park, to a carefree young couple driving around in a convertible. He contrasts these moments of togetherness with scenes of isolated vulnerability, whether it’s a sad girl in an empty laundromat or, disturbingly, a man bleeding out alone on the ground. “Slow Up’s” visuals stress the importance of love and the human connection that unites us all.

Underscoring the video’s impactful visuals is Banks’ voice itself, with his deep, throaty vocals giving the song a soulful power. In the song’s chorus, Banks conveys the message of “Slow Up” with the simple lyric “Don’t you grow up on me,” capturing the innocence of being young and so open to love. However, a percussion-heavy, distorted beat that comes later in the track creates a slightly unsettled tone, reminding the listener of the ever-present disruption of hate.

“Slow Up” is a single from Banks’ debut album Village, released on Friday. Previously, the singer has opened for Sam Smith and Alicia Keys and has performed at festivals, including Coachella and Lollapalooza. Banks will head to North America this winter for his headlining Village Tour.

Watch the full “Slow Up” Video below.