Get to Know 'Creep On Me' Rapper Gashi: Watch

In this week’s “You Should Know,” Billboard sat down with Brooklyn-based rapper Gashi to find out a bit more about him, including who his biggest musical influences are and what the inspiration behind his hit song “Creep On Me” was.

“I'm basically the trap Phil Collins,” the rapper tells Billboard when asked which artists have impacted his music the most, also naming the likes of Bono, Future, Kid Cudi, Ozzy Osbourne, and DMX.

Gashi then recalls the very first time he met JAY-Z, explaining that their interaction didn't really go according to plan. When Jay's memoir Decoded was released, Gashi went to the rapper's book signing and slid his mixtape into the book he was getting autographed.

“I finally got there, I got super nervous,” Gashi says. Jay asked what his name was, opened the book up, threw the mixtape into the garbage, signed the book, and handed it back to the young rapper. “I didn't know how to feel,” Gashi says. “I was super happy, but at the same time, sad. It was just like I was crying, but like smiling at the same time because he touched the mixtape, that was amazing.”

In the interview, Gashi also divulges that his biggest guilty pleasure is Carvel mint chocolate chip ice cream and that if someone were to play him in a movie, it would be Chris Pratt because, as he explains, “I look nothing like him and then I'd get more girls.”

As for the inspiration behind his track “Creep On Me,” Gashi shares, ”I just felt like we live in an era where a lot of people are afraid to say who they love or to let their friends know who they like or are into, so they won't hit them up in front of others, but they'll do it when they're alone.”

“I feel like stop creeping, man,” he continues. “If you really like somebody or really love someone, tell them, don't wait till it's too late.”

You can watch the full video interview above.