Kap G Takes Aim at Donald Trump in 'A Day Without A Mexican' Video: Premiere

Kap G
Jimmy Fontaine

Kap G

Kap G continues to wear the ties to his Mexican heritage on his sleeve. After delivering the 12-track no kap project in September, the Georgia native returns with the striking visual for "A Day Without A Mexican," premiering on Billboard today (Nov. 2). The powerful clip serves as a bold missive directed at Donald Trump for what G portrays as the president's lack of understanding and unfair legislation toward Mexican immigrants. 

"I want everyone to dance and be happy by listening to my new song, and when they watch the video to relate and have hope," Kap G tells Billboard about what he hopes to achieve with the new visual. "I also believe that I can help change the minds of those that don't understand our struggle and that we are just here for a better life."

Representing the Mexican culture in the right light is something the "Top 5" artist doesn't take lightly. The Atlantic Records rapper even calls on Pharrell for a brief cameo in the open plains to further reinforce his hopes for reconciliation in uplifting the community throughout his Latin-tinged tune.

The flick finds Kap jumping from the industrial streets to the boxing ring when delivering a pair of bristling verses in his freshly-dyed blue hair. "What's a day without a Mexican/ I got people in my family got no papers/ Posted at the Home Depot looking for some labor/ Taco Tuesday you could thank us/ Pops working Ruby Tuesday that ain't pay much," he raps. 

Watch Kap G's "A Day Without A Mexican" video below.