Open Mike Eagle Battles the NFL Alongside Colin Kaepernick in 'Microfiche' Claymation Video: Watch

Open Mike Eagle - Microfiche
Courtesy Photo

Open Mike Eagle, "Microfiche"

Open Mike Eagle returns with the elaborate claymation visual for "Microfiche," which features characters that look to be straight out of MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch

The William Child-directed clip finds Eagle in the clouds alongside embattled former quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick. Things take a bizarre turn when figures that resemble Houston Texans owner Bob McNair and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who both vehemently opposed Colin's National Anthem protest, pull up to the scene strapped with weapons, looking to engage the Chicago native and Kap in some aerial warfare. 

Open Mike fends off McNair, delivering a signature choke slam to put the attacker out of his misery. Kaepernick then handles Jones by firing a pass into their military vehicle, which explodes on impact from the football. "Fuck the NFL, fuck the redzone," Eagle aggressively raps on the track. 

The Project Blowed member then takes a quick rest to let his mind drift away into other social issues brewing on his conscious. Newspaper headlines begin to pileup beside him focusing on militarism in America, police brutality, Donald Trump's divisive rhetoric, and widespread gun violence. 

Earlier in the month (Oct. 19), Open Mike unleashed his What Happens When I try to Relax project under his Auto Reverse Records label.

Check out the introspective "Microfiche" visual below.