Cautious Clay Unplugs For Sublime 'Tiny Desk' Concert

Cautious Clay
Courtesy of NPR

Cautious Clay perform during NPR's Tiny Desk concert series.

Cautious Clay took his free spirit and infectious charisma to NPR's Tiny Desk "stage" for a performance that was unveiled on Wednesday (Oct. 24).

Born Josh Karpeh, the singer brought a warm and thoughtful vibe to the performance alongside a band and an ensemble of friends he's known since his college days to support him as backing vocals. 

Kicking off with "Cold War," Karpeh's smooth voice floated against magnetic bass riffs and keyboard notes as he contemplated about relationships with the mindful lyrics, "Matter over mind if we being honest/Cause you wander through ya thoughts like a broken promise/In it for the monetary growth and power/But we divided at the bottom of this whiskey sour."

Adding an extra dose of smooth, the multi-talented singer also played the sax over slow drums.

 On "Call Me," he switched up between the guitar and the flute, organically adding to the track's diverse array of sonic layers. Effortlessly traveling through the feel-good, slow ballad, Karpeh set the mellow mood with his velvety vocal performance.

For the last song "Stolen Moments," the bright talent contemplated with the lyrics, "And I think that loneliness will serve us well/All good enough to know that you won't understand me/Cause I'm dead set, don't trust in me/Honesty is better when it's practiced/Cause no love is perfect for me."

Watch Cautious Clay's blissful performance below.