Kanye West Makes Appearance at Chicago Mayoral Candidate Amara Enyia Campaign Event

Kanye West
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Kanye West is seated while meeting with President Donald Trump and others in the Oval Office of the White House on Oct. 11, 2018 in Washington, DC. 

Just 24 hours after donating $73,540 to her mayoral campaign, Kanye West popped up at a Woodlawn campaign event for Amara Enyia on Tuesday (Oct. 23) in Chicago.

The 41-year-old's appearance at the event was reportedly brief, staying for about five minutes, according to the Chicago Tribune. West chose not to speak at the event, but opted to stand onstage with Enyia and Chance the Rapper to show who he is backing in the next mayoral election.

Enyia explained to the Chicago Tribune that a lengthy phone call convinced Yeezy to join her in the fight to become the next mayor of his hometown. Amara detailed that Kanye contacted her seemingly "out of the blue" and they continued to stay in contact via text message following their extensive discussion on social issues.

"Celebrity endorsements are great, but in my view they have to be tied to something of substance. And the specific conversation was warranted with Kanye, to make sure there was alignment on the policy platform and issues I’ve advocated for," Enyia told the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday. "So we definitely had a conversation, and when we talk about what Chicago needs and what it will take to get us there, he sees this campaign as a vital part of that, and that is what prompted him to support us and get over this financial barrier we have had."

West's backing comes a week after Chance the Rapper publicly voiced his endorsement of Enyia (Oct. 16). "If you're willing to see what this city could be, you will vote for [Amara]," Chano stated in support of the head of Austin's Chamber of Conference.

Check out the photos of Kanye West and Chance at Amara Enyia's campaign event below.