Cardi B Talks 'Bodak Yellow' & Motherhood While Petting a Shag Rug in ASMR Video

Cardi B
Courtesy of W Magazine

Cardi B in a video for W Magaine.

Cardi B tried her hand at ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) media by starring in a video for W magazine Monday (Oct. 22). ASMR strives to relax someone’s mind through soft noises and sounds, oftentimes giving them a tingling sensation.

The “I Like It” singer’s video opens with her alternately purring into the two microphones in front of her. She then whispers about her love for ASMR into the microphones while petting them with her nails and fingertips. She also touches on her career, motherhood and her hit "Bodak Yellow."

Later in the video, Cardi pulls out a multi-colored children’s toy containing wooden balls that can be moved around a metal course. She slides the objects and taps the base of it with her acrylics until the video's conclusion. 

Watch Cardi B’s ASMR interview below.