Shenna Craves Real 'Conversation' in Reflective New Video: Premiere

Malcolm Fong


Shenna has a lot to say about the way we communicate with one another in the video for her single “Conversation,” premiering on Billboard today (Oct. 22). 

“Conversation” is Shenna’s commentary on our current, screen-dominated culture. “I feel that people are so distracted by the media and technology that we are not having real face-to-face conversations anymore because of the many distractions around us,” Shenna tells Billboard.

In the visual, Shenna drives around with an unseen man as she sings, “If you want me to love you then keep my heart beating/And if you want me to talk, let’s have conversation.” Despite the frustrations she’s singing about, Shenna’s soft, floaty voice gives the track a sense of calm.

The video purposely switches from color to a fuzzy black and white television screen, indicating the true nature of Shenna’s relationship. “The guy’s point of view in this story has static and is blurred out because he’s actually a TV which is the symbol of someone distracted by technology,” Shenna says.

Shenna, whose full name is Shenna Somsmieh, released her debut album Made of Gold in 2016. If the R&B singer’s voice sounds familiar, it might be because her music has been featured on television shows like MTV’s Teen Mom OG and Netflix’s Miss Stevens

Get a first look at the video for “Conversation” below.