Bianca Shaw 'Can't Get Enough' in Her Upbeat Single: Premiere

Bianca Shaw
 Troy Gueno  

Bianca Shaw

Bianca Shaw wants to keep you dancing, and her new single "Can't Get Enough," premiering on Billboard below, will do exactly that.

"Can't Get Enough" fuses electronic and disco elements to create an altogether upbeat and celebratory dance floor track. On the single, Shaw flexes her chops as both a singer and a rapper, carrying both roles with an infectious energy. 

Shaw, a Chicago native, was recently discovered by Chance the Rapper and his father, Ken Bennett.

Shaw has worked closely with Chance’s brother Taylor Bennett, a trailblazer for independent distribution in Chicago. Shaw was featured on Bennett’s tracks “So High” and “Be Yourself.” When Bennett created his own label, Tay Bennett Entertainment, in 2014, three years later, Shaw was the first artist to sign with him.

Chance and Bennett’s father, Kenneth, even gave Shaw the nickname “Spirit,” because “her songs are the cheapest flight you’ll catch to paradise.”

Shaw, who references Missy Elliott’s authenticity as an influence on her music, made “Can’t Get Enough” with a simple goal in mind: “I want to bring back that feel-good music,” she told Billboard. “My goal with this song is to celebrate every kind of love there is through timeless music. I wanted to make something people will carry in their heart and play at their wedding reception 15 years from now.”

The release of “Can’t Get Enough” comes in anticipation of Shaw’s forthcoming debut album.

Listen to “Can’t Get Enough” below.