Kanye West Live Streams a Preview of New Music From Uganda: Watch

A day after live streaming his thoughts on mind control, the media and his musical prowess, Kanye West appeared on Twitter again -- this time, apparently previewing some of the new music he's been working on from Uganda, where he's been recording.   

The rapper captioned the 11-minute clip, which he posted Sunday (Oct. 14), "Spaceship calling earth| 3 Domes Uganda."

"Relax your mind/ Let your conscious be free/ No matter what they say/ I'm gonna still be free," he said while rapping along to one track, at one point calling for his "brother A$AP Ferg" and referring to a "2019 prophecy."

Later, in a track mentioning a spaceship, he rapped, "Y'all tryin' to open up another mall/ We gonna open up our souls, after all/ This right here is the last call."

On Saturday, West reactivated his Twitter account to stream a 9-minute video of himself ranting about a myriad of topics, including the "poison" of social media, his "Mensa level" IQ, being the "best living recording artist" and his desire to purchase his publishing from Sony/ATV. 

Watch West's new video below.