11 Times Drake Channeled His 'Champagne Papi' Alter-Ego: From 'The Motto' to 'Mia'

Drake Bad Bunny Mia
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Bad Bunny featuring Drake, "Mia"

Since the beginning of his career, Drake has shared many facets of his ever-expanding music personalities.

Sometimes he dons the “6 God” crown while repping his hometown of Toronto, and other times he brings out his inner "Yardie" through friendships with dancehall artists like Popcaan. But the one personality the rapper has been consistent with -- and the one he even named his Instagram handle after -- is “Champagne Papi."

Despite growing up with a Black father from Memphis and a Jewish mother, Drake seemingly has a deep affinity for Latin culture. And most recently, he expressed his admiration for it by collaborating with Bad Bunny on the new song, “Mia.” Given his history, this surely won’t be the last time Drake bachata dances his way into the reggaeton genre.

Scroll through Drake’s most blatant “Champagne Papi” moments below.

This line from “The Motto” (2011)

“Go Uptown, New York City, bitch/ Them Spanish girls love me like I'm Aventura,” Drake raps on this Take Care-era single. He’s referring to Washington Heights, a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan that’s home to La Marina, endless hookah bars on Dyckman Street and one of the biggest Dominican populations in the city. Drake’s callout to the beloved bachata group Aventura makes it all the more authentic.

His 25th birthday outfit (2011)

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Drake arrives to celebrate his birthday at the Tao Nightclub at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino on Oct. 22, 2011 in Las Vegas.  

The stacked rings. The cognac-tinted glasses. The perfectly positioned gold chain that peeks ever so slightly underneath his Versace silk shirt. The “I know I look damn good” smirk on his face. Drake’s flashy 25th birthday party in Las Vegas saw him fully emerge into Champagne Papi.

The “Pop That” video (2012)

His guest verse in French Montana’s “Pop That” marked the first time he introduced the moniker in a song: “I'm Young Papi, Champagne / They know the face and they know the name." But the video serves as the official reveal, with Drake rocking an all-white outfit complete with a neckful of gold chains and wire frame sunglasses.

The “Started From the Bottom” video (2013)

Drake is living his best papi life in the “Started From the Bottom” video, which ends with the OVO Crew flying down to the D.R.’s La Romana to throw a lavish party on a private villa. The rapper roams through the house like a boastful Dominican uncle, wearing a jersey sweatsuit and a handful of chains while puffing on a cigar. The rapper continues to flex por la cultura as he waves the country’s flag in the air.

Collaborating with Romeo Santos for “Odio” (2014)

After shouting out Aventura in “The Motto,” Drake actually followed through with a collaboration with one of the former members -- Romeo Santos. The pair teamed up for “Odio,” the second single from Santos’ sophomore album Formula, Vol. 2. The tender bachata ballad found Drake serenading in Spanish for the first time.

This “Legend” lyric (2015)

“Everyday, I was strugglin' to learn what life's about/ On my way, money taught me Spanish, make it ándale,” Drake mused on the If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late fan favorite. Of course he manages to slip in a Spanish word for good measure (“ándale” translates to “quickly”).

Shooting the “No Shopping” video in the Dominican Republic (2016)

In one of the funniest rap video introductions to date, buddies Drake and French Montana headed to the Dominican Republic to go wild for the “No Shopping” video. Portraying golf tournament announcers, “French Montaña” and “El Draké” (who’s rocking some serious chancletas) goof off in thick comedic accents and show off their best dance moves. Later in the video, Drake rocks the D.R. flag as a bandana while getting his bachata on.

Vacationing in Dominican Republic after the video shoot (2016)


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A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

Now this shows Drake in his final papi form, as he enjoys the luxuries the Dominican Republic has to offer. Following the “No Shopping” video, the rapper vacationed on a resort while rocking a huge Versace robe (how he is not melting??), sipping piña coladas and taking thirst trap photos in the pool.

A not-so-subtle “Sneakin’” lyric (2016)

On “Sneakin’”, Drake’s collaboration with 21 Savage, he casually tosses out a lyric that may or may not have been a hint at his alleged fling with Jennifer Lopez: “Got my Spanish ting convinced that I know Spanish / Really, when she get to talkin', I don't understand it.”

Wearing a Mexican soccer jersey in the “Used to This” video (2016)

Drake takes a break from the Dominican Republic to travel over to Mexico for Future’s “Used to This” video. Wearing personalized jerseys, the What a Time to Be Alive duo play coaches for an all-female Mexican soccer team. And in true papí fashion, he can’t help but to break out a few dance moves.

Teaming with Bad Bunny for “Mia” (2018)

Back in January, Bad Bunny revealed his was in the studio with Drake as the pair smoked hookah and jammed to what we now know as “Mia” -- their newly released collaboration that is bound to take over the clubs. In the video, the Puerto Rican trap star and Champagne Papi play dominoes, flirt with girls and sing in Spanish together. And of course, Drake hits some bachata moves.