10 Most Memorable Quotes From Kanye West's White House Trip

Kanye West
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Kanye West is seated while meeting with President Donald Trump and others in the Oval Office of the White House on Oct. 11, 2018 in Washington, DC. 

Kanye West visited the Oval Office on Thursday (Oct. 11), where he sat down with Donald Trump, NFL legend Jim Brown and others to deliver a 10-minute speech, touching on the 13th Amendment, prison reform, the importance of creating jobs in America, mental health and much more.

Yeezy's visit with the president followed Trump signing the Music Modernization Act into law, which should heavily benefit musicians regarding artists reaping the benefits of royalties and proper licensing in the new digital age of streaming.

During West's speech "from the soul," he referred to the divisive red Make America Great Again hat that he's seemingly wearing everywhere these days as his "Superman cape." The Chicago-bred artist went on to confess his love for Trump directly, before going around the table to physically embrace 45 with a hug.

West has repeatedly affirmed his plans to run for president at some point. When asked about Kanye's chances of becoming the next commander-in-chief, Trump responded, "[Kanye] could very well be." West then quickly amended the statement, saying with a smile: "Only after 2024."

Here are 10 quotes from Kanye West's memorable trip to the White House.

On Abolishing the 13th Amendment:

"I did say abolish with the hat on, because why would you keep something that's a trap door? If you're building a floor, the constitution is the base of our country, would you build a trap door and accidentally something happens, you fall and end up next to the uni-bomber? You got to remove all that trap door out of the relationship. The four gentlemen that wrote the 13th amendment, didn't look like the people they were amending."

On His Bipolar Disorder Misdiagnosis:

"I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was connected with a neuropsychologist that works with athletes in the NBA and NFL. He looked at my brain. 98 percent on the IQ test and I had a 75 percent of all human beings but I was counting eight numbers backwards. He said that I actually wasn't bipolar, I had sleep deprivation, which could cause dementia 10 to 20 years from now, where I wouldn't even remember my son's name."

On Hopes for the iPlane 1 He's Working on With Apple:

"This is what our president should be flying in. We're going to have Apple work on this plane. What I need Saturday Night Live and the liberals to improve on is, if [Donald Trump] don't look good, then we don't look good. This is our president. He has to be the freshest, the flyest, the flyest planes, the best factories, and we have to make our core be empowered."

On Bringing Jobs Back to America:

"When we make everything in Chins and not in America, then we're cheating on our country. And we're putting people in positions ot have to do illegal things to end up in the cheapest factory every -- the prison system."

On Liberals & African-Americans:

"One of the moves I love that liberals try to do, a liberal will try to try to control a black person through the concept of racism because they know we are very proud, emotional people. So when I say, 'I like Trump" to someone who is liberal, they say, "Oh, but he's racist." You think racism could control me? That don't stop me, that's an invisible wall."

On Police Using Stop-and-Frisk in Chicago:

"We feel that stop-and-frisk does not help the relationships in the city. Everyone that knew I was coming here said to ask about stop-and-frisk. That's the number one thing that we're having this conversation about."

On Imprisoned Gang Leader Larry Hoover:

"Larry Hoover is an example of a man who was turning his life around, and as soon as he was turning his life around, they hit him with six life sentences. Larry Hoover is a living statue and he's a beacon for us that needs to see his family and go out and represent. We need to put curriculums in from people who really came from the street."

On Having Colin Kaepernick Meet With Donald Trump:

"I made a hat that says 'Make America Great.' I would love to see, at the Super Bowl, Trump wearing the 'Make America Great' hat and Colin wearing the 'Make America Great' hat. Showing that we can bend a bit on this side and we can learn how to be malleable in the infinite universe that we are. We don't have to stick to old traditions. We are one unit."

On the Democratic Party:

"People expect that if you're black, you have to be democrat. I've had conversations that basically say that welfare is the reason a lot of people became democrat. First of all, there's a limit to the amount of jobs. The fathers lose jobs and the [government] says, 'We'll give you more money for having more kids in your home.' Then we got rid of the mental health institutions in the '80s and '90s and the prison and murder rates just shot up."

On Wearing the Make America Great Again Hat:

"It was something about when I put this hat on that made me feel like Superman. You made a Superman -- that's my favorite superhero -- you made a Superman cape. ... I think it's the bravery that helps you beat this game called life. They tried to scare me into not wearing this hat -- my own friends. This hat, it gives me power in a certain way."


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