James Corden, Reggie Watts and Jenny Slate Serve Up Funky Fresh 'Venom' Theme Song: Watch

Terence Patrick/CBS
James Corden and Reggie Watts in The Late Late Show with James Corden on Oct. 3, 2018.

'It's S-L-A-T-E, call me Jenny/My feet are so light, but my rhymes are so heavy.'

Sure, it's easy to get Eminem to pen a dark theme song for your potential blockbuster Marvel superhero film. But what if Late Late Show host James Corden and bandleader Reggie Watts teamed up with Venom acto/comedian Jenny Slate for a funky fresh, 1980s hip-hop take on the toothy Symbiote played by Tom Hardy? That would be extra dope, right?

Not really.

In a parody song sketch in honor of the film opening Friday (Oct. 5), Corden and Watts stroll into a graffiti-scarred scene wearing what could be described as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air wardrobe cast-offs -- flip-up glasses, half-buckled overalls and neon scrunchie bracelets -- to find a group of dancers in Venom masks busting some moves. "Listen up, we got a tale you won't believe/About an eight foot creature with monstrous teeth," Corden raps over the corny beats.

The low-budget vid basically re-tells the origin story, with Corden transforming into Venom, complete with a black skintight morpho suit that he cabbage patches in while singing the chorus, "Spittin' venom/Spit, spittin' venom/Spittin' venom/Spit, spittin' venom." Sounding like the late great Left Eye from TLC, Slate then bops into the frame rocking a crop top under, of course, overalls, dropping some sick snaky rhymes. 

"It's S-L-A-T-E, call me Jenny/My feet are so light, but my rhymes are so heavy," she raps in her helium voice. "If you wanna move like me/You gotta get some momentum/Cuz we're about to teach you how to do the venom."

Bottom line: it's a super complicated dance that Corden can't quite nail, and it ends horribly for him, TBH.

Check out "Spittin' Venom" below.